Viking Republic aims to provide unique servers for players to enjoy. Our main server hopes to create an exciting mix of modded and vanilla elements while still not crossing the line of being “too modded”. The goal on our servers is to make the “grindy” side of rust a little less annoying, while still keeping things feeling fresh and enjoyable. We design each server to have a unique purpose to it, while still maintaining a good feeling of progression in gameplay.


Our main Viking Republic 2X server wipes weekly on Thursdays.

The Viking Republic 4X server wipes twice a week on Thursdays and Mondays.

While we may certainly consider different wipe schedules. The game is not in a state for bi-weekly schedule on a modded server to be practical. Entity count is already a serious issue and would be even worse if wipes were not weekly.


  • Gather Rate – Each server has custom gather rate to suite the purpose of the server
  • Kits – Several free kits to get you started, donator kits are also available
  • InstaCraft – Instant crafting of most items. Certain items have craft time to prevent certain exploits
  • Quicksmelt – Double the smelting speed on furnaces
  • BetterLoot – Vastly increased component spawns
  • Teleportation – 5 minute cooldown, 300 uses per day, max of 2 homes
  • No Escape – Prevents teleport and other things while in combat or during raids
  • Airdrops every 30 minutes, helis every 2 hours
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