• Respect all players, admins and moderators.
  • No cheating, hacking or any use of third party scripts
  • No exploiting of game breaking glitches
  • No attempts to disrupt or shut down the servers: DDOS, spam crafting etc.
  • No disclosing of personal information such as names, addresses or any kind of doxing
  • No reselling or trading of donator kits
  • Minimum 10 hours play time on Rust
  • No VAC bans within 30 days
  • No EAC bans (or banned alt accounts) within 365 days
  • No steam family shared accounts
  • After 5 bypasses of the chat word filter, it will auto mute for 14 days

Voice & Text Chat

  • No chat spam
  • No server advertising
  • No excessive profanity or toxic behavior
  • No racism, harassment or use of offensive terms
  • No clan forgery (stealing someones clan tag)
  • No racist or offensive clan tags or names


  • No offensive signs or “art” in public areas
  • All loot (including TC’s) has to be physically accessible. No weird ass half wall or window shit so that the raiders cant get the loot if it drops on the ground. Raiders have to be able to blow up whatever door is in the way and actually get the loot. Basically, all loot needs a proper entrance.
  • No walled off TC’s
  • No TP bases (bases with no entrance)
  • No exploiting of TP (walling yourself in a location only to TP out)
  • No abuse of the remove tool (walling off loot etc.)
  • Water bases have to be fully visible from land, no underwater loot rooms
  • No spamming TC’s in an area that you aren’t building in